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AboutBetter Pain Solutions

Better Pain Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services for your chiropractic needs. We provide various chiropractic treatments to improve your body's range of movement and relieve pain in the bones, muscles, joints, and connective tissue. We believe that good health is the body's natural state, and we take a holistic approach to restore the body to this natural state. Through the body's healing mechanisms and proper alignment, we can help you not only relieve pain but also help you realize your body's full potential. In addition, we provide an alternative to prescription medication treatment for pain and can help patients where more traditional methods have failed.

The Better Pain Solutions team focuses primarily on pain management and chiropractic care. Our approach to health and wellness incorporates preventative and therapeutic methods with particular emphasis on pain relief and management. Our patients’ health, well-being, and satisfaction are at the forefront of our practice and its mission.

Every day we help patients from all backgrounds and levels of health manage various conditions, such as migraines and other headache disorders, recover from athletic or work injuries, regain full range of motion, and help stay active despite the aging process. We thoroughly examine each patient we work with to match them with the most effective treatment. We offer advice on posture and make suggestions as to what patients can do at home to get the full benefit of treatment. Your treatment plan is specifically designed for you. We will track your progress and make adjustments to the plan as needed.

Through a patient-centered approach, we encourage and facilitate patients’ control and management of their condition and pain. We aim to address all concerns and symptoms as well as assess varying factors contributing to the patient’s health, including nutrition, activity, and stress control, to help the body's natural instinct and ability to heal. We provide a wide range of therapies, preventative care, and various treatments to help patients attain and maintain complete wellness.